10 Reasons Why Waxing is a Million Times Better Than Shaving


1. Waxing Removes Dead Cells

 During waxing, when the wax is pulled off from the skin, then along with the hair all those dead cells that are present on the surface of your skin also gets removed. As we all know how important it is for us to get rid of our dead cells, but we hardly do. We mainly remove dead cells from our face, hands and feet. The rest of the body is left as it is. So we can say, opt for waxing as it comes with an added advantage of getting rid of dead cells from different parts of your body. 


2. It is faster

When it comes to removing hair in awkward places, it’s simple to wax. In such places when you have to run than razor you have to be very careful. A slight change in the razor angle may lead to unwanted cut. So it’s simpler to apply wax and remove it with a piece of cloth. #Reason2 why you should go for waxing in waxing vs shaving.


3. It is available everywhere!

Waxing can be done in two ways, either the normal way of applying molten wax or using wax strips. Wax strip is another wonder tool. It’s a very convenient method for all those who can’t visit the parlor on a regular basis. All you have to do is take the strip, stick it to the part that has to be waxed and just pull it. Wax strips are available at every departmental stores now. #Reason3 why you should go for waxing in waxing vs shaving.


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