10 Things You Should Know Before Your Next Brazilian Wax

Now that summer is here in Phoenix, all you want to do is spend hours lounging by the pool, sipping on martinis, and basking in the sunlight. Before you decide to flaunt the bikini body, you need to get your lady parts primped. Here are some pointers that you need to remember before getting your Brazilian Wax in Phoenix:


Apply numbing cream an hour before your appointment:  numbing creams take a while to set in.  It’s best to apply than one hour before coming to the lock salon. It also might help to take a pain reliever minutes before the wax.  At Sugar Me, we carry the brand No Scream Cream and is available for $20 and will last for approximately 3 to 4 appointments.


Don’t wax three days before or after your period: and your lady parts are more sensitive during this time period, so try to avoid getting a Brazilian wax while on your period.

Exfoliate the morning of the wax: using an organic scrubber tits for you the region before you get a wax is recommended. This helps with dead skin and prevents ingrown hairs.

Work out before the wax: if you work out daily or like to go for runs, do it before you get your Brazilian wax. Otherwise, the sweat in that area may cause irritation because there is no hair to absorb it.

Wax three days before swimsuit day:   redness is common and bound to occur after your Bikini wax. So make sure to get the wax done at least three days before you are planning to don that beautiful swimsuit or sexy bikini to give enough time for the redness to disappear.

Know what you want: there are different types of waxes for your lady parts and you need to make sure you know what you want. The chart below shows many different styles of Bikini waxing and may assist in helping to determine where you want.

Condition: use your hair conditioner for the hair on your lady parts as well. It’ll make the hair softer, making it easier to remove. The softer hair also helps with ingrown hairs is well.

Timing is very important: depending on how fast your hair grows, you can decide when to set your next wax appointment. It is highly recommended you wax 3 to 4 weeks after your last appointment. Waxing faster than this does not allow enough time for the sensitive skin to recover. Longer durations because the hair to grow back thicker and may require a longer session with Layne, our waxing goddess.