Bikini Wax - Scottsdale & Paradise Valley

We are your Scottsdale & Paradise Valley Bikini Wax experts.  Sugar Me's waxing salon provides you with the beautifying edge you need to make today a good day.

Get Your Brazilian On!

Get Your Brazilian On!

With the year-round summer fun that comes from living in the Valley of the Sun, it’s always the perfect time to get your body bikini ready. Make your waxing appointment today with one of Sugar Me’s professional waxing hair removal experts. At Sugar Me’s Paradise Valley waxing salon, you’ll find waxing packages and à la carte services to treat yourself: Eyebrow Waxing, Bikini Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Vajazzling, Leg Waxing, Underarms Waxing, Full Body Hair Removal, etc. At Sugar Me we make the world a sweeter place one treatment at a time.

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Get Your Brazilian On!

Conveniently located to be accessible to busy people throughout the Valley,
Sugar Me is home to professionally trained and licensed estheticians that excel
at providing quick and thorough waxing services. At Sugar Me, your Paradise
Valley hair removal expert uses the best waxing techniques and unique combinations of waxing products and numbing treatments to accommodate
even the most sensitive areas. At Sugar Me, our dedication to high quality service means you
can relax knowing you’re receiving the best waxing treatment available.

Consider Sugar Me your hip, new hot spot for waxing and hair removal. Our Scottsdale waxing salon provides a wide variety of waxing packages and
waxing services in order to accommodate your needs and your budget. Women valley-wide schedule sessions with our waxing experts. If you’re looking for the most vital of beauty spa treatments available in the Phoenix area, you’ve found it!

Make your Sugar Me appointment today. Our waxing experts are friendly, professional and passionate about making sure every client walks away feeling confident. A visit to Sugar Me means the chance to revel in the attention you receive at the next pool party knowing you are smooth. You are glowing. You are hair-free. And most importantly, you are fabulous.


Our Specialist: Layne Nyberg, Aesthetician

Layne C. Nyberg, L.E., C.M.L.T., L.S.O., is your Sugar Me waxing professional. Administering a variety of personalized treatments, Layne regularly hears feedback about how consistent waxing services simply make life sweeter. Working with clients to maximize their health and beauty satisfies her desire to make a difference while allowing her to indulge her flair for the fabulous. Layne is constantly on the lookout for cutting edge techniques that will make all of our lives more lovely, more beautiful, more healthy…just plain more.