Expert Tips For Your First Brazilian Wax

Getting a bikini or Brazilian wax can be a scary thought if you have never gotten one before (or even if you have gotten one before!). To help you through your first wax we have some expert advice from our highly trained estheticians.


The best length of hair going into the wax is the size of a grain of rice

By this we mean that the hair has to be long enough for the wax to grab it. So, if you have yet to touch the hair down there, we suggest you trim it so at least a quarter inch is left. The less hair, the less time your Brazilian wax will take!


Get a sugar wax

For your first waxing experience you should absolutely treat yourself to a high-end salon and high end treatment (such as Sugar Me). The sugar waxing technique has only been around for a couple years but it has taken the waxing world by storm! It is an all natural wax that adheres to the hair only as opposed to the hair AND skin like traditional hard and soft waxes. This means the process hurts less and your skin stays hairless longer. Another benefit is if you decide to tap our early, the sugar wax is easily abled to be dissolved with warm water. 



It’s not going to be that bad

 Don’t listen to your friends. Every one has a horror story or two to tell about a bad wax, but it’s usually not that bad. As mentioned above, just make sure to treat yourself to a high-end salon with waxers who know their way around the area… and perhaps pop a few Advil or Ibuprofen's beforehand just in case.



Or it’s going to be worse

 If you walk in thinking this is going to be on par with an eyebrow wax, you are in for a rude awakening. The area being waxed is A LOT more sensitive and there is also much more area to cover. While you’re unlikely to feel like a victim in a horror film, be prepared to be a little sore after your wax.



You’re going to be there a while

 Usually your first Brazilian wax will take longer than any other Brazilian wax you will have if you decide to become a consistent waxer. You will notice after the first wax the hair grows back much thiner than before. The first time may take up to an hour but soon you will get down to easy, 20 minute appointments if you come at least once a month!



Go home

 Try not to do anything after your wax. You don’t know how your body is going to react, so running around, sweating and chaffing could wreak havoc on your newly bare (and traumatized) bikini line. Go home, take off your pants, grab an ice pack, chill and watch your favorite reality TV show)

So if you’re ready to ‘bare’ a beautiful bikini line this year, make your appointment today! No matter where you go, always let them know if you’re a first timer. Once you’ve gotten the initial shock (and pain) out of the way, we just know you’re going to love it!

Brigham DallasComment