Sugar Me Wax is No Longer Offering Calls

A waxing salon that doesn't take phone calls is unprecedented in the business. Some clients have already stated that this is not for them and they cannot accept this type of customer service. Some clients may leave the salon. So why are we doing this?

The decision to switch was a difficult one for management but an important one. Here are the facts leading up to the decision.

We have too many calls for our receptionists to properly handle

In the last two months we received 6k calls and only 2k of them were answered. A 33% call completion rate is unacceptable. Even if we doubled our staff, our call completion rate would yield 66% and that is still unacceptable. We have 8 salons that are booked at 90% capacity on most days and an enormous amount of call volume and voicemails. Clients were frustrated that they could not reach us and our receptionists could not possibly handle the volume of calls.

The Solution: Switch Entirely to Texting

Texting is a scalable solution. Instead of just 3 receptionists working, all aestheticians that are not seeing a client hop onto a computer to assists with texts. At any given time, we have an average of 6-8 staff assisting with text messages. Our average response time to a text message is under 5 minutes. Most appointments are booked with 3 or 4 texts. The time it takes you to text in is 4-5 times shorter than a phone call.

Booking appointments through texts is much faster and a better experience for our clients. We have all of your information saved in our computer system so that when you text in, we quickly can see what location you attent and what aesthetician serves you. We also can see past interactions and know if you’re a member with us or not. No more waiting on the phone in awkward silence while we look up your data.

Appointment information is never missed through texts. You can save our number and easily look up in our chat history when your next appointment is. You can text in and rapidly speak to a manager about any skin irritation you may have or ask any question you need after your appointment and quickly receive a response.

As a business we asked ourself the following question:

Would you rather miss 66% of all calls that come in or lose a few clients who are frustrated not to speak to someone over the phone? Sugar Me Wax may not be for everyone, but for the 95% of people who can adopt our system, they will find that booking an appointment at Sugar Me is fast, friendly, and easier than booking at other salons.

We look forward to serving you and we love you!

Brigham Dallas
Owner & CEO

Layne Nyberg
Owner & COO

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