What Your Bikini Line Says About You

The Basic Bikini Wax

You are an on-the-go, free-spirited, all natural girl. You don't have the time (or care to have the time) to maintain the bald eagle . As long as your bikini line is lookin' fine that works for you! 


The Shapes Wax

You have an addicting personality that everyone wants to be around. You are the cool aunt, the life of the party, the one who throws up gang signs in pictures even though you have no idea what they means. You are adventurous and down to try new things. 


The Brazilian Wax

You are classy and organized. Most likely a lady boss and a perfectionist. When you do something you do it right. People envy your confidence and your ability to juggle everything life throws at you flawlessly. Getting a Brazilian wax is just part of your monthly maintenance. 

Brigham DallasComment