Hello Gorgeous! Are you wanting stunning brows and lashes?


Classic Lash Extensions  

Getting Sugar Me's classic eyelash extensions means one eyelash extension is bonded to every natural eyelash to add volume and length.  We use the highest quality silk lashes to create a full and natural look for your lashes.

Preparation for appointment: Please remove all make-up from the eyes. Do not use oily make-up remover or eye creams for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Aftercare: Wash your lash extensions with mild soap (like a baby shampoo) daily to remove any dirt or debris and use only oil-free products near the eyes, as oil breaks down the adhesive from the extensions.  The best way to keep your extensions looking fabulous is to avoid rubbing or scratching them and touch them as little as possible. 


Classic Set
For first timers or if more than 50% of your lash extensions have fallen off
$120 | 2.5 hours

Classic Fill
50% or less of your lash extensions have fallen off
$70 | 1.5 hours

Lash Removal

We use a gel remover to remove lash extensions without damaging natural lashes
$35 | 30 minutes

Color Upgrade
Add a few fun and brightly colored lashes to highlight your extensions!


Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent process where pigment is deposited into skin with a handheld device. The first appointment entails mapping out the client's ideal brow shape and that which is most flattering for the client's facial features. The artist draws hair-like strokes to your brows to add natural looking "hair" into the brow to build a fluffier, fuller brow. This typically lasts 18 months to three years.

Preparation for appointment: Please remove any makeup from the brow area. The brows will be numbed in three phases during the procedure. If you are on retinols, taking blood thinning medications or aspirin, or drink alcohol frequently, please stop at least 7 days before your microblading appointment. 

Aftercare: We advise you to avoid moisture on the brows for 5-7 days after your first microblading appointment (this includes water, sweat, etc). Your brows will initially be darker than expected but they will fade 30-40% within the first month.


Post Procedure Touch-up Appointment
6 months post-treatment touch up
$150 | 1hour

Microblading Appointment
Includes one free perfecting touch-up appointment
$400 | 2hours

$10 Off Your First Full Set and $25 Off Microblading

Text: SugarMeLashes to 480-500-6688 to get $10 off your first full set

text: SUGARMEBROWS to 480-500-6688 to get $25 off of microblading