First time waxer?

It’s your first time getting a Brazilian Wax and you’ve got questions…  What should I expect for my first Brazilian?  What’s the difference between sugaring and traditional waxing?  Is there anything I need to do to prepare?   All this and more is answered in our one stop page for first time waxers.  Don’t worry,  we have your back!


What do I need to do to prepare for my first wax?

It's best to be well hydrated and use gentle exfoliation several days before your first appointment. If your skin is dehydrated, it tends to hold onto the hair which can  result in breakage rather than complete removal from the root. Don't forget to chill out! The more tense you are, the more pain you experience. It has been our experience that taking an over the counter analgesic 45 minutes before your appointment will alleviate some pain.  Refraining from alcohol and caffeine is always a good idea as well.

Sugar Me Wax requires that every client fill out our comkprehensive  electronic consent form before their first appointment. You will find the link to the form in your welcome email.  Be sure to verify at which location your wax appointment is scheduled, and check out the directions on the respective location pages.

North Scottsdale / Old Town Scottsdale / Phoenix


Are your aestheticians qualified?

Sugar Me prides itself in its hiring process.  We set the bar very, very high for our sugar mamas. Our girls are well paid and consequently, we are very selective about who we bring onto the team.  All of our aestheticians have completed the necessary cosmetology or aesthetics licenses and have a strong background in skin education.  We require our girls to go through monthly ongoing training and to continually stay on top of the latest techniques and best practices.

Rest assured you’re in the best hands possible.  If you have any questions regarding your waxing procedure or post skin care treatment, our aestheticians are happy to take the time to properly educate you.   At Sugar Me, you’re not going to feel like you’re just another number.  We love our clients and will take the time to make sure your Brazilian Wax or Brazilian Sugar  experience is incredible.  


How long does waxing last?

Your hair growth cycle completes itself in 30 days. We highly recommend waxing every four weeks. Most waxers are completely hairless for two weeks and then the hair starts to grow back slowly.  Please be aware that you may not be 100% smooth the very first time you wax. Your hair may also grow back "patchy". This is due to the hair growth cycles. The more consistent you are, the smoother you'll be. There are many benefits to maintaining a regular hair removal cycle. Waxing regularly will cause the hair to grow back finer and thinner,  so you will not have as much hair.  Often times, the second appointment is less painful than the first and gets easier each time you come in (if you are still worried about the pain, ask your aesthetician about No Scream Cream, a topical cream that numbs the waxing area and reduces the pain by 50-80%).  


Does waxing hurt? Can I reduce the pain? 

Waxing does hurt! We are not gonna lie. But there are some tips that we can give you to help minimize the pain. First of all, be consistent. If you are consistently waxing every four weeks, your hair becomes thinner, finer, and sparser! This results in a less painful wax. Get on a consistent schedule and stick to it! Year round is ideal. Try to avoid caffeine before your appointment, as caffeine is a stimulant, and can make your skin more sensitive. Exfoliate your before you come in; we advise starting a couple of days ahead of time. Invest in a great numbing cream, it really will take the edge off! We also suggest scheduling your first appointment right after your period. Your pain threshold is higher during that time, and you'll be more comfortable. Stop shaving! We like you to come see us about three weeks after your last shave because shaving can make the hair more resistant to wax.  


How long after waxing can I have sexual intercourse? Are there any actives I should avoid?

Your hair follicles will be open for up to 24 hours after waxing, and consequently you will want to avoid sexual intercourse during this time. Your skin will also be more sensitive.  If your skin feels extremely irritated or is painful to the touch after the first day, it’s best to call or text Sugar Me and speak to your aesthetician about the symptoms you are experiencing.  All of our aestheticians are highly trained in skin care and will be able to assist you.   

Freshly waxed skin can be sensitive for up to 24 hours.  It is imperative to wear proper sun protection over the exposed area. It's also good to avoid pools and hot tubs for the first day.   


I like waxing and I want to become a regular client. What's the best way to save money on my future appointments?

Sugar Me has a membership program unlike any other wax salon. We reward our members for being consistent by offering the best deal in town.  Customize your membership package with any service you like and receive incredible prices up to 50% off.   For example, the price of a normal Brazilian wax is $48, but on the membership it’s only $37.99.  Be sure to checkout our membership page and ask your aesthetician to learn more about these incredible ways to save.  

Uh Oh! It's the day of my Brazilian wax appointment and I started my period. What should I do? 

Be prepared that it will be more painful if you're on your period. If you are not shy, we have no problem waxing you, providing proper hygiene has been exercised.

I've heard of the sugaring technique, but I do not know the difference that and regular waxing. How is it different?

Sugaring utilizes a paste made of sugar, citric acid, and water. The technique is more skilled and the application is different. Sugaring tends to be a little easier on the skin so girls that have reactions to waxing may benefit from sugaring. If your skin is tender, we like to recommend sugaring.   If you have coarse hair, then waxing may be a better option.

How long does the hair need to be to get a Brazilian wax?

For traditional waxing, we advise ¼ of an inch of hair or about the length of a grain of rice.  For typical hair cycles, this takes 10-14 days after shaving.  

How about for sugaring? Sugaring allows us to get hair that is shorter, therefore we advise 1/8 of an inch of hair growth or 7-10 days of hair growth after shaving.  Please be advised that sugaring hurts less when the hair is shorter.  If it has been over two months since your last trim, we advise trimming before coming into your first appointment.  

If your hair is too short, the aesthetician may reschedule your appointment for a few days later to let the hair grow out.  The hair needs to be long enough for the wax or sugaring paste to grab the hair properly in order to remove it.  If your hair is not long enough, we will not have as good of an outcome.

After my wax, what is the best post skincare solution?

For the first 24 hours, very little. Your skin may feel tender to the touch. After 24 hours you want to exfoliate. We advise gentle daily exfoliation- with the emphasis on gentle. This helps us to develop habits that are good for our skin. As we exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, we are less likely to develop ingrown hair and bumps. For people prone to ingrown hair, we advise gentle daily exfoliation, along with a good quality, gentle chemical exfoliant as well. Ask your aesthetician for the best exfoliant for your skin type.  

Is there anyone who should not get waxed?

Waxing is pretty safe for almost everyone. If you are on medication that increases your skin's photosensitivity, you're not a good candidate for waxing. For those using Retin-A or retinol products on their face, we would advise waiting to wax you until you have stopped use for several weeks. Clients taking the oral prescription Accutane should wait 6 months before waxing. Sugaring is a gentler technique, but caution still must be exercised.