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First Timers: get the low down on what to expect at your First Brazilian wax appointment

Let's face it, sugaring or waxing can be a bit scary if you have never been in before. Sugar Me's First Timer's page explains everything you need to know to have an amazing first experience at Sugar Me.  Our motto is 'Be Comfortable in Your Skin' and we go the extra mile to make sure your experience is awesome.  If you have any questions about waxing, most likely they can be answered on our first timer's page.  

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Sugaring Vs Waxing: The Truth exposed behind which is better for hair removal

Purist sugaring salons will tell you that the only way to go is sugaring because it's better for the skin and lasts longer than waxing.  A Brazilian waxing salon will say that waxing is cheaper and faster than sugaring.  Sugar Me Wax is a professional wax and sugar salon that services clients in both sugaring and waxing, so we have gotten a good feel for both techniques.  Learn the truth behind which is actually better for your skin!

Who Wants To Get Sugared?

Sugar Me is a full body, Brazilian wax salon that practices both traditional waxing as well as the art of sugaring.  Sugaring is a natural hair-removal method, similar to waxing, that is often better for sensitive skin.  A sugar Brazilian's results will last as long as a traditional Brazilian wax, yet the main differences are that you do not need as much hair growth and sugaring adheres to only dead skin cells.  The sugaring method can be less painful and result in fewer ingrown hairs after your service.  
Sugaring, however, may not be the right fit for everyone.  It's a little more expensive due to the advanced technique and the treatment can sometimes take longer.  For larger body parts like legs, we often recommend traditional waxing.  If you've been waxed before and never experienced any skin agitation, a traditional Brazilian wax or face wax may be the right fit for you!  Luckily, our aestheticians are experts in both techniques!
Sugar Me Wax has three locations: Old Town Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, and Arcadia.  Book a wax or sugaring at any of our locations today!


Feel Comfortable Coming To Sugar Me Wax

The feedback we constantly receive at Sugar Me is that our aestheticians help our clients to feel comfortable during their experience. Our aestheticians are friendly and take the time to get to know you.  When you come to Sugar Me, you're not just a number being rushed out the door for the next client.  We want you to feel loved and appreciated.  We do not pride ourselves on a 7-minute Brazilian wax, rather we take comfort in knowing that your Sugar Me experience was amazing and that you can't wait to come back next month!

Our talent also separates us from other salons.  We are highly selective with the aestheticians we hire.  As a result, you can expect that your aesthetician is both knowledgeable on skin care as well as very experienced at waxing and sugaring.