Intimate Lightening

Our accelerated skin brightening system for Sensitive Areas is designed for use in the intimate areas of the body, underarms, face, knees/elbows. It will help reduce the discoloration from hormonal imbalances, scars, burns marks, etc. It works beautifully on all skin types! We have found that it is typical after the first visit to see skin 2-3 shades lighter. With proper use of our  home care products, your skin will continue to lighten. darker discolorations may require more than one in house  treatment.


Our aestheticians make you feel comfortable and confident. We understand discretion and apply that to everything we do, not just our intimate tightening services. Hair removal and skin lightening go together beautifully, and we will work with you to plan out a waxing and/or sugaring regime that is personally suited to your individual needs. After we apply the product you can expect to see the area 2-3 shades lighter immediately.  Keep in mind 2-3 shades lighter is not  always significantly noticeable; patience is key. For best results, please follow the guidelines we give you and continue to use all home care products as directed. Results will vary based on genetics, hormones and your diligence. Everyone will experience lightening a little differently.