Sugar Me Membership Details

We are so happy that you decided to become a member at Sugar Me!  We are excited to take care of you and would like to briefly go over the terms of the membership so you understand how it works.  To complete the signup, simply read this page fully and authorize at the bottom that you understand.
Initiation: There is a one-time, $30 initiation fee which allows you to freeze or cancel your membership at anytime.
Billing: Occurs either the 1st or 15th of the month and is applied to a credit or debit card on file.  
Benefits:  Your membership benefit is good for one membership service during the monthly billing period.   Membership benefits are deeply discounted but do not roll over month to month.  
Locations:  Members can use their membership benefits at any Sugar Me location.  We currently have three salons:  ArcadiaNorth Scottsdale,  and  old town Scottsdale.  
Hair Growth:  Please allow at least three weeks hair growth between wax appointments.  Anything less will not be effective because your hair needs some time to grow before waxing or sugaring. 
Appointment Cancellations:  Cancellations hurt our salon because they create free time that our aesthetician could be using to see other customer.  As a courtesy,  please cancel or reschedule as early as possible so that we have time to fill that appointment slot.  There is a $10 cancellation fee for all same day cancellations..  The cancellation fee will be applied to the credit card we have on file.  A simple courtesy text the day prior is all that is required to change your appointment.  
Deactivating Memberships Our members enjoy no long-term commitments for the membership.  To cancel your membership, call or text us before the next billing period starts.   Should you ever decide to come back and see us, the $30 initiation fee to restart your membership is waived.  
IMPORTANT:  Once a membership period has been billed, you may use your benefit at any time throughout the billing cycle but you will not be refunded for that billing cycle. If you need to cancel your membership, it is free to do so but please make sure to cancel before the billing period starts.  If you have any questions, your aesthetician will be happy to assist you.
Freezing Memberships:  Heading out of town for a season?  Memberships can be paused for any duration of time at no additional charge.   There is no startup fee to restart your membership package.  


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